Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga classes are a great way to support your employees’ health and wellbeing.

Yoga at your office

Yoga, meditation and relaxation classes are an excellent way to help your staff feel less stressed and more focused. Classes focus on stretching, relaxation, strength and balance work as well as breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and improve focus and wellbeing. My yoga classes are tailored to the needs of the participants, ensuring that all staff can participate safely and in a way that is best suited for them.

Yoga classes in the workplace have incredible benefits including:

Calms the mind and body

Yoga reduces stress, improves mood, and gives a sense of overall wellbeing. Reduced stress can lead to more relaxed mind for better decision making. The stretching and strengthening postures in the classes are beneficial for those who suffer from back, neck and postural pain.

Connects employees together

Yoga classes give higher staff morale and provide a relaxed time with colleagues - allowing for better collaboration and trust. When employees get stressed at work, tempers can flare, and relationships can sour, which leads to less cohesive teams, which can be bad for productivity.

Higher productivity

Regular yoga improves workers’ health and wellbeing; leading to fewer sick days and decreased illness and absenteeism. 
There have also been studies that see improvements in customer service
 when staff are less stressed, meaning a more pleasant experience for your customers.

Improved Concentration

People think less clearly when they’re over-stressed. Yoga is proven to lead to improved concentration, greater clarity of mind and better decision-making. Putting in place effective stress management strategies such as yoga classes at work can increase productivity and improve your bottom line.


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