Kids, teen and family yoga

Fun yoga classes giving kids tools to deal with stress, anxiety and learn to connect to their bodies

Can yoga help your kids?

Kids, teens and family yoga classes are lots of fun and give kids a great opportunity to learn a wide range of tools to help them through school and later in life.

Stress and Anxiety

More kids than ever before are suffering anxiety and stress, and in a non-competitive relaxed environment, they can learn some yoga tools to help them through it. Yoga is a great way for kids and adults to get out of their heads and into their bodies. Classes include fun yoga poses and games combined with breathing techniques, breath and body awareness and learning about mindfulness.

Family Yoga Classes

Family yoga classes are a great way to have fun and bring family closer together. By including partner work and poses everyone learns a little more about each other as well as gaining body awareness and understanding of others.

Developing Minds and Bodies

As kids grow there are important developmental stages that they go through and yoga can be a great help in achieving these milestones. Yoga classes include poses that work on balance, focus, memory and body awareness in a non-competitive environment.

Art Therapy & Mindfulness

With a background in design, Niki loves encouraging kids to be creative and get their imaginations working. Simple art and craft projects can help focus busy and distracted minds.


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